Why We Should All Take A Social Media Cleanse 

tumblr_o2r37yM0gW1tm0ywyo1_500Okay, So I myself and many other people around the world (including you) have considered social media to literally being our second life. You can’t tell me that I am the only one who wakes up in the morning, faintly opens their eyes, and unlocks their phone just to check their Facebook News Feed, or to go on Snapchat just to check what Kyle posted at 2:00 in the morning. I didn’t think so.

As fun as social media may be (super fun!) we also have to accept the fact that we have a whole life in front of us that we are putting on hold just because we’re too busy trying to figure out why Rob decided to make Blacc Chyna a Kardashian. To be honest with you guys…. I’m still trying to figure that out too. Like come on! That massive love square that they have going on, whooo! Before I spring off topic (whoops! already did.) Let’s just go over the reasons why we all just need to go on a Social media cleanse for at least a week. Yes, I said it. A WEEK!

You Get To Explore Life A Little More!

Ahhhhh yes! Life. Not social media life, but an actual life. I’m pretty sure that there are many things that you have been dying to do laltley,but your phone always got in the way of it, or finally getting to do something fun with friends, and family and not having to snapchat a single thing of what’s going on. You can actually have fun without having that little ‘buzz’ getting in the way and literally ruining that moment. Think about that.

Less Phone, Less Arguments.

You already know what that means! With the presence of your phone being at a minimum you can avoid so much arguments with friends, family, or a significant other. Let’s say you’re at the dinner table with family.You keep checking your phone, and your mom honestly can’t handle it, so she starts to bash you about the lack of communication you give to the family. You can also be with bae, and they’re talking about their day, and your phone just suddnely goes off and instead of you to ignore that notification you unlock your phone, and quicky reply that message and they get angry and demand for your “undivided attention”. Maybe if that phone were to be away, then those situations could be avoided.

You Actually Become Less Paranoid.

Yes, hun! Less paranoid. Remember when Chris said that he’ll text you when he get’s home? (lies!) , or having to have that never ending battle with yourself wondering if you should text bae first or if you should just wait for them to text you back. Yeah, when you cut social media out of your life you actually don’t have to deal with those problems. You’re not with your phone so it doesn’t matter anyways. Having to not worry about that notificatiom coming in from instagram to know how many people liked your pictures, or to see if you got that text back, or to see that you got your message left on read and probably not getting a text back is probably the most best feeling that someone can actually experience, and I am being so serious.

So now you know some really good reasons as to why we should all take a nice social media break. Maaaaaybe I over exaggerated a little when I said we should do it for a week. Maybe just 3-4 days! haha. Thanks for reading, guys! Till nex time!

~Anne (:


To All The Heartbreakers And The Broken Hearted


Many people around the world can agree that a broken heart can be the worst pain that one can ever experience. Having a broken heart can leave someone scarred for life. It’s like even though with time that scar may heal, but you will still be able to see the wound that was left, and you’ll also be able to remember how it all happened and the pain that occurred after it. So my question is, Why do some people have zero shame in causing a broken heart? The fact that you are intentionally leading someone on, making them believe that they’re in a relationship and also having them assume that they were in love, or possibly being in love is a horrible thing.

I hope you know that you’re ruining their perspective on love just for the benefit of yourself. Okay, maybe you yourself at one point played victim of getting your heart broken, and you don’t mean to do what you’re doing right now, but what gain do you have in becoming the oppressor in this situation? You’re just becoming the number one thing you’ve been trying to avoid your whole life, a heart breaker.

You may try to say that the only reason why you’re acting harsh is to protect yourself from getting your own heart broken again. If you have to protect yourself from pain by exposing it to someone else, just know that you’re exposing that person to a type of pain that they have never imagined to be humanly possible. A pain that ruins them completely . A type of pain that makes them lose their trust in so many people, and also to the point where they can no longer trust again.

So to all you heart breakers out there, or future heart breakers. Just know that before you try getting involved in a new intimate relationship of any kind; please just make sure that you’re not trying to lead someone on just to fill in that empty space in your heart, or to just use someone to make yourself feel better. It truly hurts to find out that the person who you actually had feelings for and invested so much of your time for only had “interest” in you to make themselves feel better. How would you feel being responsible for another broken heart when you couldn’t even mend your own?

The moral of all of this is to just make sure that you have interest in him/her and to not use them for your own personal benefits.

~Anne (: