Cheap Home Remedies That Actually Work!

Having very nice, beautiful, dewy skin these days seriously seems unachievable due to the high expenses of the products that we usually shop for. I won’t lie, I leave a hole in my wallet every time I shop for skin care products. It’s a guilty pleasure that we’re all prone to at one point of our lives. until one day I really wanted to see how avocado masks helped with skin until I saw a tutorial on how to make it yourself. Cool part about it was that the results of the DIY still came out as well as the manufactured mask. I then spent most of my time looking up tutorials for different types of masks. It’s great knowing that you can ditch the $45 and indulge into a remedy that could cost up to $5-10!


Egg White Mask:

Ingredients: Egg white, lemon juice (optional), oatmeal (optional), honey (optional)

Estimated time on face 15-30 min


as you could tell from the ingredients listed above you don’t really need the oats, or the lemon juice, or the honey. the most essential item you’ll actually need would be egg whites. Egg whites are great for the skin as they help shrink pores, lift skin (yes, they provide a skin lift) AND THEY REMOVE BLACKHEADS!!!! egg white masks are a blessing and that’s why it’s the first remedy I spoke about. It’s amazing, guys! #bliss


Avocado and oatmeal mask:

Ingredients: avocado, oatmeal, and honey

Estimated time on face: 15-30 min


I love this mask simply because of the ingredients in it. Other than that, make sure that the avocado you use is ripe as it’ll show better results, less signs of skin irritation, and easier to ‘squash’ . Benefits of this mask is that it helps hydrate the skin and also exfoliates a bit. The oatmeal helps with any inflimation in the skin and also helps with those who have sensitive skin so that’s a win! the avocado helps with giving your skin that beautiful glow which i’m pretty sure everyone wants. One step closer to dewy! Lastly, the honey helps because it provides antioxidant which also reduce aging and gets you clearer skin!! YAAASSS QUEEEENS!!!

Pepto Bismol Mask:

Ingredients: Pepto Bismol

Estimated time on face: 15 min


Whaaaaaa? You mean that thing that helps an upset stomach can actually help my face too? Yes Queen… Or King. Pepto Bismol helps with black heads, tightening pores, and reduces breakouts! Do you know what that means ladies? Your period has a new competition next month just cause Pepto Bismol is about to kick some ass!

I hope you enjoyed the remedies and I hope that I helped save some money in your pockets! Have fun digging in your fridge or cabinents when you make your next facial! Good luck!




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