Things To Do On A Single’s V-Day!

It’s soon going to be that time of the year again! The time where couples everywhere celebrate the love/infatuations that they share together. Sadly all of the single people get singled out in a big ol’ basket, separating themselves from the rest of the world just beacause they don’t have anyone to spend 24 hours with on an intimate level. It’s okay because there’s plenty of things to do Valentine’s Day despite your relationship status!

Gather yourself and a group of friends to watch movies of your celebrity crushes!image

In this case my friend would love to watch Chris Evans or Chris Hemsowrth. I would love to watch Leonardo Dicaprio and cry over the fact that Jack had to die in Titanic #neverforget . Honestly nothing is better than watching your celebrity crush on screen and fantasizing that they’re actually yours. You’ll enjoy doing this.

Buy yourself a huge a** Teddy Bear! image

You don’t need someone to buy a teddy bear for you in order for it to be great or enjoyable. Go to the nearest Walgreens (they have the best) and purchase yourself a huge teddy bear and snuggle next to it for you are the best!

Go on a Tinder spree with friends!


Very interesting and hopefully for that night a great way to start a fling with someone or to just text someone for the rest of the night. You could also see the people who you’re friends got matched with and tell them what to say to that person. Make it an eventful tinder night! (;

If all fails order pizza all to yourself. image.gif

Who could fail you when you have pizza! This is actually how I spent Valentine’s Day. A day of pizza and spongebob to calm my nerves is all that I really need.

Hope this helped. I’d rather have you guys read these tips than to spend your day third wheeling and taking pics for other couples. #yikes, till next time! =)






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