A reason why most Christians break.

imageBeing on a spiritual path is honestly the most difficult thing to do. Whether you’re a Muslim, Christain, or a Jew. There’s always going to be trials and tribulations in anything you do while you’re on a hectic journey. I’m a Christian and honestly being on a spiritual path is difficult, I’ve never been baptized so I always used to claim that’s a key reason as to why I have never been on a steady path until I realized that wasn’t the problem. No matter what you do, you’re going to have difficulty. No one has ever said it was going to be easy. Yes, accepting Christ into your life is an easy thing to do. But, following the will of God is very hard. You live in a world where people mentally and physically crucify you for being a believer in Christ. They put you down, call you lame. Tell you you’re stupid for believing in something that has no scientific proof that it actually happened. People literally pull out more facts as to why Satan is a better choice and it’s insane. At the end of the day all of those things taunt you and actually make you question “Is it really worth it?” You’ll pray to God to open up the minds of the people who don’t see him the way that you do and yet no change. Horrible things happen to you or a love one, you spend most of your time crying, begging on your knees, begging for a miracle, yet nothing happens. You see many great things going on in many people’s lives and yet nothing happens to yours. With time you start to take that as a sign that maybe God just doesn’t care about you or love you. These things start to ruin everyone’s path slowly and makes them go back to their old selfish habits and distruct their path. The one thing people miss is patience. Patience to understand that not everything happens quickly, or happens accordingly to you’re plan, but instead God’s plan. It’s the most common Christian cliche one can hear. Sad thing about cliche’s is that you hear them so much that they slowly start to lose their meaning. I get that, but patience helps and it’s honestly a key in a very good spiritual path. I’m not saying that I am the best thing ever when it comes to patience (God knows I’m not). But knowing that you’re not alone in this journey is probably the most reassuring thing ever. Knowing that you can help and inspire people during that journey helps too. Never lose faith in what you’re doing and always have patience in every step you take once you enter your spiritual path. It may be a long journey but never lose hope! (:


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To All The Heart Breakers & The Broken Hearted

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