Dear Writer’s Block.

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Dear writer’s block,

I’m going to start this letter off in the most respectful way as I can get…. I hate you. I actually have this deep, never ending hatred for you, and I will never have one ounce of likeness for you.

The fact that I have to stare at a computer or phone screen looking completely spaced out, and not to mention,  having a cursor blink at me. I consider that cursor to be mocking me. Just telling me that I have an empty mind with zero ideas flowing through it, but I know that there are ideas there, somewhere. You see, you have me disgraced in the writing world, and I don’t appreciate that. I would kindly appreciate you to find ways to empower me in my writing instead of belittling me. I know that’s never going to happen, but at least try?

While I’m at it. May I introduce you to this thing called a deadline? Yes those are the dates/times as to when a certain thing is due. Most people would like to call them, due dates. I hate having to type up a paper in the middle of the night, and I can’t think of anything to type about. All because my little “friend” writers block decided to join me, and literally make all my ideas disappear. The sad thing is that I know what I’m writing about, I understand the topic, I actually have ideas as to what I should be writing about, but then you come in and leave me looking completely stunned at the computer screen. You’re like those really unwanted friends that just randomly show up at your house, but except… Those people are actually tolerable.

People warned me about you, but I thought that I could handle you. Boy, was I wrong. You are the hardest thing to get over, and once you leave you always come back!!! I can have all these random ideas in my head, and then once I put myself in front of a computer, tablet, phone, or notepad; you just magically appear! Do you know how toxic you can be? You’re worse than Xanax, and I mean that in the most harshest way as possible. You’re mentally deadly, and I can’t have that much negative energy around me.Over the past five years (still counting) you have caused so many bags under my eyes, and I have invested so much money into coffee, and face masks that it’s not even funny anymore.

I believe it’s time to cut the cord in our “relationship” but before we do i just want you to know that it’s you, not me. Is it actually sad that I had writer’s block while writing this letter to you? Spent one hour typing this contemplating on what to say. Oh well, I just hope you stay out of my life after this, and to never return again.




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