Reasons Why Coffee Became My Best Friend.

I remember my first time drinking coffee, I was eight years old and I hated it! After my first sip I was just wondering how most people in  America can be so addicted to something that is so bitter. I told myself that I will never drink coffee ever again .But then finals week of eighth grade came. (yes, eight grade) I don’t know why or how, but the work load was literally too much. I had to study for science,Spanish, math, and English in one night. I had trouble staying up, and I couldn’t drink Red Bull because that gives me horrible stomach aches. I remembered coffee and I was just praying that it wouldn’t be so bitter. That night I discovered coffee creamers and fell in love with coffee, and from then on Coffee became my best friend.

The reasons as to why I love coffee so much are pretty relatable. Coffee just gives me that extra boost of confidence, happiness, and don’t I forget ENERGY. Without coffee I literally become the most tired/iritable person ever. If you were to ever cath me in the library at school without me having an ounce of coffee just know that I have got diagnosed with a sad case of the Resting B*tch face, and that can only be cured with a cup of Starbucks Coffee. (Caramel Mocha to be percise) , but seriously I can’t be the only one who feels this way when they don’t have a fresh cup in the morning. Call it an addicton,but I don’t care, coffee is bae!!!!!

Coffee is also my one and only motiviation when I am stuck doing homework assighments, or typing up a super long paper. Coffee is always there to remind me to stay up, and that’s honestly all the motivation that I need. It helps me stay focused while doing work, and it’s always right there so why not? A boost of energy in a cup if you ask me. And once coffee sticks with you now it’s with you forever, so don’t ever think that it’s going anywhere. So coffee, thank you so much for staying up with me for those long, cold, lonley nights when I thouht I was all alone.

Also, coffee makes me sound so smart! Seriously walking into the coffee shop (Starbucks) and telling the Barista to get me a ‘Venti 1/2&1/2, 10 pumps, and extra whip w/ soy milk” makes me sound like one of the most smartest people ever in the coffe field. People like that should seriously get an PHD in Coffee, don’t you agree?

~Anne (:




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