Things To Do While Waiting For That Plane.

Traveling can be tough. The fact that you have to be on a plane for hours, with clogged ears, and my number one sad story about traveling; waiting for the plane to board. I understand the struggle, and I know that you guys do too. You just got your plane ticket, and just went through security check just to get to  your gate and wait for possibly an hour or two for your plane to finally board. Sadly there’s no such thing as  arriving to the airport two hours before the plane, if there was I’ll be doing that all the time. But there are some things that we can do to keep ourselves occupied instead of aimlessly walking around the airport before the time comes to board. When I meant aimlessly; I meant walking all the way down to Starbucks and back. (; that I usually enjoy doing before the plane boards is reading a book. Yes, that’s literally all that anyone does while waiting for their plane to board. Reading a book can honestly be one of the most relaxing things to do, and also really time consuming. Make sure that you’re reading a book that you are interested in so that the time could pass. Airports usually know that people may be interested in reading books, so they provide book stores in which you can purchase books. Then again you are in an airport which means that prices aren’t always going to be pocket friendly, but hey. You’re entertaining yourself right? Look at the bright side! If you get that interested in the book; guess who’s gonna be having some fun on that plane ride? Yes, you!

Another thing you could do is write in your journal. That’s honestly the first thing I do while waiting for my plane, after getting myself a nice cup of Starbucks coffee of course. Honestly write about anything. Is there something that you want to do before getting to your destination spot? Did someone make you angry before traveling and literally left you in rage before you left? Write about that! Seriously pick up that pad and pencil and write about what’s currently going off in your head right now. Don’t have a pencil or notepad? whip out your phone, tablet, or laptop and type down what’s on your mind.

Who could ever forget some good old Netflix & Chill? Yes, guys. Fire up that Netflix and watch a complete Marathon of How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Greys Anatomy, and American Horror Story. You will never be disappointed.I wonder if you guys were reading this and were like “Is she not going to mention, Netflix? Does she not have a life outside of blogging?” Don’t worry guys I do have one. (sort of). If you are probably reading this and you’re just like “I don’t have a Netflix acc., and I don’t want to make one last minute.” Don’t worry! I Gotchu! There’s this app that offers free movies, and TV shows and they also claim to be better than Netflix. It actually is a really good app, and it has a lot of movies at good quality, and also content that Netflix doesn’t even have themselves. They literally have a section that says ‘NOT ON NETFLIX’ I sort of died laughing while seeing that, but…. The name of The app is called Tubi TV and is available on the app store & Google play store. There are many categories of movies to choose from, and I’m guaranteed  you’ll enjoy.

That concludes my article about what to do while waiting for your plane to board. I mean, unless you want to do what I did when I was three and hide under chairs whilst taking the wheelchairs from the wheelchair racks, and riding them around THE WHOLE ENTIRE AIRPORT! I’m not gonna lie, and say this for comical reasons, but I actually did do that as a child as sad as it may seem, siigh! Well that’s all for now. Thanks for  reading , Till next time!

~Anne (:



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