Cheap Home Remedies That Actually Work!

Having very nice, beautiful, dewy skin these days seriously seems unachievable due to the high expenses of the products that we usually shop for. I won’t lie, I leave a hole in my wallet every time I shop for skin care products. It’s a guilty pleasure that we’re all prone to at one point of our lives. until one day I really wanted to see how avocado masks helped with skin until I saw a tutorial on how to make it yourself. Cool part about it was that the results of the DIY still came out as well as the manufactured mask. I then spent most of my time looking up tutorials for different types of masks. It’s great knowing that you can ditch the $45 and indulge into a remedy that could cost up to $5-10!


Egg White Mask:

Ingredients: Egg white, lemon juice (optional), oatmeal (optional), honey (optional)

Estimated time on face 15-30 min


as you could tell from the ingredients listed above you don’t really need the oats, or the lemon juice, or the honey. the most essential item you’ll actually need would be egg whites. Egg whites are great for the skin as they help shrink pores, lift skin (yes, they provide a skin lift) AND THEY REMOVE BLACKHEADS!!!! egg white masks are a blessing and that’s why it’s the first remedy I spoke about. It’s amazing, guys! #bliss


Avocado and oatmeal mask:

Ingredients: avocado, oatmeal, and honey

Estimated time on face: 15-30 min


I love this mask simply because of the ingredients in it. Other than that, make sure that the avocado you use is ripe as it’ll show better results, less signs of skin irritation, and easier to ‘squash’ . Benefits of this mask is that it helps hydrate the skin and also exfoliates a bit. The oatmeal helps with any inflimation in the skin and also helps with those who have sensitive skin so that’s a win! the avocado helps with giving your skin that beautiful glow which i’m pretty sure everyone wants. One step closer to dewy! Lastly, the honey helps because it provides antioxidant which also reduce aging and gets you clearer skin!! YAAASSS QUEEEENS!!!

Pepto Bismol Mask:

Ingredients: Pepto Bismol

Estimated time on face: 15 min


Whaaaaaa? You mean that thing that helps an upset stomach can actually help my face too? Yes Queen… Or King. Pepto Bismol helps with black heads, tightening pores, and reduces breakouts! Do you know what that means ladies? Your period has a new competition next month just cause Pepto Bismol is about to kick some ass!

I hope you enjoyed the remedies and I hope that I helped save some money in your pockets! Have fun digging in your fridge or cabinents when you make your next facial! Good luck!




Things To Do On A Single’s V-Day!

It’s soon going to be that time of the year again! The time where couples everywhere celebrate the love/infatuations that they share together. Sadly all of the single people get singled out in a big ol’ basket, separating themselves from the rest of the world just beacause they don’t have anyone to spend 24 hours with on an intimate level. It’s okay because there’s plenty of things to do Valentine’s Day despite your relationship status!

Gather yourself and a group of friends to watch movies of your celebrity crushes!image

In this case my friend would love to watch Chris Evans or Chris Hemsowrth. I would love to watch Leonardo Dicaprio and cry over the fact that Jack had to die in Titanic #neverforget . Honestly nothing is better than watching your celebrity crush on screen and fantasizing that they’re actually yours. You’ll enjoy doing this.

Buy yourself a huge a** Teddy Bear! image

You don’t need someone to buy a teddy bear for you in order for it to be great or enjoyable. Go to the nearest Walgreens (they have the best) and purchase yourself a huge teddy bear and snuggle next to it for you are the best!

Go on a Tinder spree with friends!


Very interesting and hopefully for that night a great way to start a fling with someone or to just text someone for the rest of the night. You could also see the people who you’re friends got matched with and tell them what to say to that person. Make it an eventful tinder night! (;

If all fails order pizza all to yourself. image.gif

Who could fail you when you have pizza! This is actually how I spent Valentine’s Day. A day of pizza and spongebob to calm my nerves is all that I really need.

Hope this helped. I’d rather have you guys read these tips than to spend your day third wheeling and taking pics for other couples. #yikes, till next time! =)






A reason why most Christians break.

imageBeing on a spiritual path is honestly the most difficult thing to do. Whether you’re a Muslim, Christain, or a Jew. There’s always going to be trials and tribulations in anything you do while you’re on a hectic journey. I’m a Christian and honestly being on a spiritual path is difficult, I’ve never been baptized so I always used to claim that’s a key reason as to why I have never been on a steady path until I realized that wasn’t the problem. No matter what you do, you’re going to have difficulty. No one has ever said it was going to be easy. Yes, accepting Christ into your life is an easy thing to do. But, following the will of God is very hard. You live in a world where people mentally and physically crucify you for being a believer in Christ. They put you down, call you lame. Tell you you’re stupid for believing in something that has no scientific proof that it actually happened. People literally pull out more facts as to why Satan is a better choice and it’s insane. At the end of the day all of those things taunt you and actually make you question “Is it really worth it?” You’ll pray to God to open up the minds of the people who don’t see him the way that you do and yet no change. Horrible things happen to you or a love one, you spend most of your time crying, begging on your knees, begging for a miracle, yet nothing happens. You see many great things going on in many people’s lives and yet nothing happens to yours. With time you start to take that as a sign that maybe God just doesn’t care about you or love you. These things start to ruin everyone’s path slowly and makes them go back to their old selfish habits and distruct their path. The one thing people miss is patience. Patience to understand that not everything happens quickly, or happens accordingly to you’re plan, but instead God’s plan. It’s the most common Christian cliche one can hear. Sad thing about cliche’s is that you hear them so much that they slowly start to lose their meaning. I get that, but patience helps and it’s honestly a key in a very good spiritual path. I’m not saying that I am the best thing ever when it comes to patience (God knows I’m not). But knowing that you’re not alone in this journey is probably the most reassuring thing ever. Knowing that you can help and inspire people during that journey helps too. Never lose faith in what you’re doing and always have patience in every step you take once you enter your spiritual path. It may be a long journey but never lose hope! (:


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To All The Heart Breakers & The Broken Hearted

To All The Heart Breakers & The Broken Hearted


Many people around the world can agree that a broken heart can be the worst pain that one can ever experience. Having a broken heart can leave someone scarred for life. It’s like even though with time that scar may heal, but you will still be able to see the wound that was left, and you’ll also be able to remember how it all happened and the pain that occurred after it. So my question is, Why do some people have zero shame in causing a broken heart? The fact that you are intentionally leading someone on, making them believe that they’re in a relationship and also having them assume that they were in love, or possibly being in love is a horrible thing.

I hope you know that you’re ruining their perspective on love just for the benefit of yourself. Okay, maybe you yourself at one point played victim of getting your heart broken, and you don’t mean to do what you’re doing right now, but what gain do you have in becoming the oppressor in this situation? You’re just becoming the number one thing you’ve been trying to avoid your whole life, a heart breaker.

You may try to say that the only reason why you’re acting harsh is to protect yourself from getting your own heart broken again. If you have to protect yourself from pain by exposing it to someone else, just know that you’re exposing that person to  a type of pain that they have never imagined to be humanly possible. A pain that ruins them completely . A type of pain that makes them lose their trust in so many people, and also to the point  where they can no longer trust again.

So to all you heart breakers out there, or future heart breakers. Just know that before you try getting  involved in a new intimate relationship of any kind; please just make sure that you’re not trying to lead someone on just to fill in that empty space in your heart, or to just use someone to make yourself feel better. It truly hurts to find out that the person who you actually had feelings for and invested so much of your time for only had “interest” in you to make themselves feel better. How would you feel being responsible for another broken heart when you couldn’t even mend your own?

The moral of all of this is to just make sure that you have interest in him/her and to not use them for your own personal benefits.

~Anne (:


Dear Writer’s Block.

635868829200793015-720714501_Writers Block.jpg

Dear writer’s block,

I’m going to start this letter off in the most respectful way as I can get…. I hate you. I actually have this deep, never ending hatred for you, and I will never have one ounce of likeness for you.

The fact that I have to stare at a computer or phone screen looking completely spaced out, and not to mention,  having a cursor blink at me. I consider that cursor to be mocking me. Just telling me that I have an empty mind with zero ideas flowing through it, but I know that there are ideas there, somewhere. You see, you have me disgraced in the writing world, and I don’t appreciate that. I would kindly appreciate you to find ways to empower me in my writing instead of belittling me. I know that’s never going to happen, but at least try?

While I’m at it. May I introduce you to this thing called a deadline? Yes those are the dates/times as to when a certain thing is due. Most people would like to call them, due dates. I hate having to type up a paper in the middle of the night, and I can’t think of anything to type about. All because my little “friend” writers block decided to join me, and literally make all my ideas disappear. The sad thing is that I know what I’m writing about, I understand the topic, I actually have ideas as to what I should be writing about, but then you come in and leave me looking completely stunned at the computer screen. You’re like those really unwanted friends that just randomly show up at your house, but except… Those people are actually tolerable.

People warned me about you, but I thought that I could handle you. Boy, was I wrong. You are the hardest thing to get over, and once you leave you always come back!!! I can have all these random ideas in my head, and then once I put myself in front of a computer, tablet, phone, or notepad; you just magically appear! Do you know how toxic you can be? You’re worse than Xanax, and I mean that in the most harshest way as possible. You’re mentally deadly, and I can’t have that much negative energy around me.Over the past five years (still counting) you have caused so many bags under my eyes, and I have invested so much money into coffee, and face masks that it’s not even funny anymore.

I believe it’s time to cut the cord in our “relationship” but before we do i just want you to know that it’s you, not me. Is it actually sad that I had writer’s block while writing this letter to you? Spent one hour typing this contemplating on what to say. Oh well, I just hope you stay out of my life after this, and to never return again.




Reasons Why Coffee Became My Best Friend.

I remember my first time drinking coffee, I was eight years old and I hated it! After my first sip I was just wondering how most people in  America can be so addicted to something that is so bitter. I told myself that I will never drink coffee ever again .But then finals week of eighth grade came. (yes, eight grade) I don’t know why or how, but the work load was literally too much. I had to study for science,Spanish, math, and English in one night. I had trouble staying up, and I couldn’t drink Red Bull because that gives me horrible stomach aches. I remembered coffee and I was just praying that it wouldn’t be so bitter. That night I discovered coffee creamers and fell in love with coffee, and from then on Coffee became my best friend.

The reasons as to why I love coffee so much are pretty relatable. Coffee just gives me that extra boost of confidence, happiness, and don’t I forget ENERGY. Without coffee I literally become the most tired/iritable person ever. If you were to ever cath me in the library at school without me having an ounce of coffee just know that I have got diagnosed with a sad case of the Resting B*tch face, and that can only be cured with a cup of Starbucks Coffee. (Caramel Mocha to be percise) , but seriously I can’t be the only one who feels this way when they don’t have a fresh cup in the morning. Call it an addicton,but I don’t care, coffee is bae!!!!!

Coffee is also my one and only motiviation when I am stuck doing homework assighments, or typing up a super long paper. Coffee is always there to remind me to stay up, and that’s honestly all the motivation that I need. It helps me stay focused while doing work, and it’s always right there so why not? A boost of energy in a cup if you ask me. And once coffee sticks with you now it’s with you forever, so don’t ever think that it’s going anywhere. So coffee, thank you so much for staying up with me for those long, cold, lonley nights when I thouht I was all alone.

Also, coffee makes me sound so smart! Seriously walking into the coffee shop (Starbucks) and telling the Barista to get me a ‘Venti 1/2&1/2, 10 pumps, and extra whip w/ soy milk” makes me sound like one of the most smartest people ever in the coffe field. People like that should seriously get an PHD in Coffee, don’t you agree?

~Anne (:




Things To Do While Waiting For That Plane.

Traveling can be tough. The fact that you have to be on a plane for hours, with clogged ears, and my number one sad story about traveling; waiting for the plane to board. I understand the struggle, and I know that you guys do too. You just got your plane ticket, and just went through security check just to get to  your gate and wait for possibly an hour or two for your plane to finally board. Sadly there’s no such thing as  arriving to the airport two hours before the plane, if there was I’ll be doing that all the time. But there are some things that we can do to keep ourselves occupied instead of aimlessly walking around the airport before the time comes to board. When I meant aimlessly; I meant walking all the way down to Starbucks and back. (; that I usually enjoy doing before the plane boards is reading a book. Yes, that’s literally all that anyone does while waiting for their plane to board. Reading a book can honestly be one of the most relaxing things to do, and also really time consuming. Make sure that you’re reading a book that you are interested in so that the time could pass. Airports usually know that people may be interested in reading books, so they provide book stores in which you can purchase books. Then again you are in an airport which means that prices aren’t always going to be pocket friendly, but hey. You’re entertaining yourself right? Look at the bright side! If you get that interested in the book; guess who’s gonna be having some fun on that plane ride? Yes, you!

Another thing you could do is write in your journal. That’s honestly the first thing I do while waiting for my plane, after getting myself a nice cup of Starbucks coffee of course. Honestly write about anything. Is there something that you want to do before getting to your destination spot? Did someone make you angry before traveling and literally left you in rage before you left? Write about that! Seriously pick up that pad and pencil and write about what’s currently going off in your head right now. Don’t have a pencil or notepad? whip out your phone, tablet, or laptop and type down what’s on your mind.

Who could ever forget some good old Netflix & Chill? Yes, guys. Fire up that Netflix and watch a complete Marathon of How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Greys Anatomy, and American Horror Story. You will never be disappointed.I wonder if you guys were reading this and were like “Is she not going to mention, Netflix? Does she not have a life outside of blogging?” Don’t worry guys I do have one. (sort of). If you are probably reading this and you’re just like “I don’t have a Netflix acc., and I don’t want to make one last minute.” Don’t worry! I Gotchu! There’s this app that offers free movies, and TV shows and they also claim to be better than Netflix. It actually is a really good app, and it has a lot of movies at good quality, and also content that Netflix doesn’t even have themselves. They literally have a section that says ‘NOT ON NETFLIX’ I sort of died laughing while seeing that, but…. The name of The app is called Tubi TV and is available on the app store & Google play store. There are many categories of movies to choose from, and I’m guaranteed  you’ll enjoy.

That concludes my article about what to do while waiting for your plane to board. I mean, unless you want to do what I did when I was three and hide under chairs whilst taking the wheelchairs from the wheelchair racks, and riding them around THE WHOLE ENTIRE AIRPORT! I’m not gonna lie, and say this for comical reasons, but I actually did do that as a child as sad as it may seem, siigh! Well that’s all for now. Thanks for  reading , Till next time!

~Anne (: